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John Franko, MD

Report from Nominations Committee

Presentation of Candidates for: 
President-elect: Jehni Robinson, MD

Communication Chair: Linda Speer, MD, FAAFP 

Election of President-elect, Communication Chair 

Presentation of Contested Slate for Election of MAL for 2023-2025 term:        

  • Jeff Quinlan, MD, FAAFP

  • Aaron Saguil, MD, MPH, FAAFP

Candidates Speeches (2 mins each)    


Voting (x1 vote per DFM Member Chair or designee)

John Franko, MD
John Franko, MD
Chelley Alexander, MD
Chelley Alexander, MD
John Franko, MD
Annamalai Ramanatha
   - Administrator Update
Harry Strothers, III, MD


Refreshment Break

John Franko, MD

Announcing New Leadership of ADFM


Recognize outgoing Board members

  • Chelley Alexander, Board Chair and Immediate Past President

  • Dana Nguyen, Communication Chair

  • Kelvin Wynn, Annual Conference Program Committee Chair

  • Cynthia Haq, Advocacy Committee Chair

John Franko, MD
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